St James Church Hall

Roof Restoration project 

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St James Church Hall, on the corner of Church Street and Wilbraham's Walk,  has for many years been an essential resource for so much of our church life, work and witness.  It is also a valuable community asset having been used by a variety of Audley Community groups and for private bookings.

Sadly in around 2018, we realised that there were serious problems with the roof and the various parts of the Church Hall (especially the upper hall and the kitchen) have been largely out of bounds ever since.  We are indebted to the small but dedicated working group who have worked tirelessly on project managing and fundraising and we are now approaching the time when the hall will again be available for use by the church and the wider community.

Particular thanks are due to the FCC Communities Foundation for their provision of a grant of £51,500.  Lichfield Diocese Board of Finance has also lent us £50,000 towards the project.  And thanks are due to the numerous individuals who have also donated financially towards this project.

As the major work of repairing the roof (internally and externally) is now largely complete we still have a long way to go before the whole building is back up and running.  If you would like to contribute financially you can do so by clicking here, by placing contributions in a marked envelope in the weekly offerings or by contacting the Treasurer, Janice Eatough, directly.

In addition to contributing financially to this ongoing project, there will be a need, in the not too distant future, for volunteers to help in the enormous task of deep cleaning and redecorating.  Whether or not you intend to make use of the Church Hall (even if it's just for having coffee after a Sunday service) please consider helping when the call comes.

Pictures below:

Nearly done

Nearly done but scaffolding still up - from Wilbraham's Walk...


Nearly done 2
... and from Church Street


St James Church Hall - post ro
After completion of the major work on the roof. 
Note that the ridge is now straight rather than sagging!


internal structures
Major Structural work in progress - all the grey metal work is new. 


St James hall pre roof work

Inside the church hall while work was in progress


St James Hall post roof work

Inside the church hall.  The ceilings now back in place but the work still ongoing.


FCC Logo
FCC Communities Foundation was established as Waste Recycling Environmental in 1997.
The name was changed to FCC Communities Foundation in April 2019.
FCC is a company limited by guarantee (3368008) registered in England.   It funds eligible projects under the Landfill Communities Fund and the Scottish Landfill Communities Fund.


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