Getting Married?

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Congratulations on your engagement!  If you’re thinking about getting married at St John’s, St Martin’s, or St James, we’d love to help out if we can.  We take marriage very seriously and would love to support you as you prepare for your wedding and life together.

You can normally marry in one of the churches if you’ve lived in the parish for 6 months, or have a strong family connection to the parish, or have regularly been to the church for 6 months.  The first step is to contact the Benefice Office (01782 722146 or via the contacts page) to check whether you can marry in one of the churches, and discuss a possible date.

If you think marriage is right for you as a couple, please don’t let the cost put you off - a wedding at St John's, St Martin's or St James can be a wonderful and joyful time without being particularly expensive.

We aim to run regular Marriage Preparation Courses for couples in the area (whether they’re marrying in church or not).  For more details, please contact the Benefice Office.

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