What we believe

St John’s, St Martin’s and St James are all known as Anglican Evangelical Churches. 

‘Anglican’ means that we are part of the Church of England and Anglican Communion – a global network of churches, whose ordained leaders are expected to give their agreement to a summary of Christian Belief known as The 39 Articles

‘Evangelical’ means that we look to the Bible as our ultimate source of authority for what’s right and wrong. 

For a formal summary of what ‘Evangelical’ means, you could have a look at the Evangelical Alliance Basis of Faith or the UCCF Doctrinal Basis.

‘Church’ means that we are a group of people who gather together around God’s Word, the Bible; trusting in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ; and loving Him as our Master, Saviour and Friend.

St James, St Martin's and St Johns are affiliated with and support the North West Gospel Partnership and St James is affiliated with and supports the Evangelical Alliance.

It is not a central part of who we are as Christians, but it might be helpful to know that the churches' leadership teams have a range of views on what the Bible says about women leading churches.  We all agree that women are called to serve God in a variety of hugely significant ways, and out of love, we want to protect anyone from being in a position where they're asked to go against their conscience.  To help with that, St James receives episcopal oversight from Rod Thomas, the Bishop of Maidstone





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