St James - Church History 

God has given us a beautiful building of which we must take care.  It has been a place of worship for many generations of Christians, as well as a local landmark serving to remind people of the Christian faith.  It is a reflection of the people who have lived and worked here.  It shows the changes that each generation has brought (some generations more than others).  As people change so has this church and the process continues to this day.

The first Christians knew, and those alive today understand, that the Church is not a building, but the people who worship in the building.  Real Christians today, as then, are the Church of Jesus Christ, who have responded to His love for them with the love and surrender of their lives.  They are those who have turned “from the best bliss that earth imparts” and found in Him “Life in all its fullness, forgiveness of sin and the joy of life eternal”.

We welcome you to our church building, but we pray that each visitor may come to know the Living Lord for themselves, and be part of the Church of living stones of the risen Lord Jesus.

(This intro was taken from the foreword, written by Rev Peter Davies  who retired as Vicar of St James in 2015, in 'A Guide to The Parish of St James the Great Church in Audley'  - linked to below)

The following articles cover various aspects of the history of St James the Great Church in Audley:

Audley Family History Society kindly help us with enquiries about our registers.   You can find information about them here.  The Church of England normally charges £30 for record searches, so a donation to Audley Family History society might be appreciated if they're able to help.


St James south elevation

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