St James 9.00am Prayer Book Service:

Is it OK for me to come along?

Yes!  It really is!  We would love you to join us, whatever you do or don’t believe.  There’s no pressure to do or say anything you’d rather not, and you’ll be made very welcome.  This might not be the obvious service to bring young children to (click here for details of the 10.30am service with children’s groups), but we’ll be delighted to see them if they came along!

How can I find St James’ church building?

St James Church Building is on Church Street in Audley, at the top of Wilbraham’s Walk, 5 minutes from Junction 16 of the M6.  If you’re coming by car, try using the postcode ST7 8DE (although it takes you to the wrong side of the road).  Buses run from Newcastle Bus Station and from Hanley.

Where’s a good place to park?

If you’re coming by car, there’s a free public car park over the road from the church (this may get full at busy times, but is normally fine at 0900 on a Sunday).  If needed, Audley Community Centre very generously let us use their car park – try using the postcode ST7 8DH, and please park in the rear car park where possible: directions here.  There are also some parking spaces on streets around the church building.

What’s disabled access like?

The front steps are a bit intimidating, but there’s a path up from the road by Audley Health Centre to a side door that is much easier for wheelchair-users and buggies.

What should I expect in the service?

The 9.00am service is a small, friendly and reflective service.  We sit together at the front of the church building in the choir stalls.  We don’t normally sing, but follow the traditional words of the Book of Common Prayer Service for Morning Prayer or Holy Communion. Whoever’s leading the service will try to make clear which page we’re on at any given time!  We’ll listen to the Bible read aloud, and preached, and there’ll be opportunities to join in saying some of the prayers and the Creed if you’d like to.  The service normally lasts between 45 minutes and an hour.

Do I need to wear anything special?

Definitely not.  Some people prefer to dress smartly for church, others prefer to be more relaxed, so please wear whatever you feel comfortable in.

Will there be a collection?

No – there’s no charge for coming to church!  There’s a collection plate on the way in for regulars who would like to give in that way, but we don’t want visitors or guests to feel under obligation to give.

Will there be Holy Communion?

It depends on who’s leading the service, but we normally have a communion service once a month.  The latest notice sheet here should have details.  If you’re trusting Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, please feel free to join us in taking bread and wine.  If you’re not sure what you believe, you’re welcome just to watch from where you’re sitting, or to keep your hands by your side at the communion rail, and someone will pray for you.